Tai Nguyen graduated from Salisbury University with a dual degree in Information Systems and Business Management in 2016, and later, with his MBA in 2017. He is a Software Engineer with three years of experience providing technical web based solutions, focusing on operations improvement.

Whilst attending S.U. Tai simultaneously taught himself the web development technological suite of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. He is now a full-stack developer with experience programming modules from front-end user interfaces to back-end business logic and DB API's. He has already procured a corpus of technical knowledge using multiple developmental frameworks.

As a part of OPS LLC's partnership with the Maryland Industrial Partnership (MIPS), Tai took a leadership role with three separate student groups from Salisbury University. Under the directorship of Dr. Kathie Wright, the teams were able to convert complex federal drinking water regulations into easily consumable work flow diagrams  that formed the early basis of the Compliance Engine Module. Their endeavours have provided a solid foundation for the continued relationship between MIPS, OPS and Salisbury University to this day.

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