Co-founder Charles Rowe is a leading software developer with more than 20 years of professional development experience. Mr. Rowe's primary areas of focus in that time have been the areas of web development and security. His long standing goal has been to promote secure, sustainable code that can withstand the fast paced nature of the internet.

Familiar with Summit-D and Agile, Mr. Rowe accomplishes this goal by designing and leading teams through proper development methodologies across the entire software life cycle.

When not building software, Mr. Rowe enjoys helping businesses protect themselves through vulnerability assessments and penetration testing that is designed to expose security flaws before hackers have a chance of exploiting them. Mr. Rowe was key in establishing DMVG's security audit practice.

During his career, Mr. Rowe has spent a considerable amount of time in the financial industry, working for and with credit providers, e-commerce companies, and small businesses to build transaction systems utilizing open source protocols and tool sets. In later years, Mr. Rowe transitioned to the education consulting industry, where he developed applications specific to the needs of private and independent schools.

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