Stakeholder Rule Development Initiative: Sales Prohibition on the Use of Phthalates in Food Packaging

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

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Stakeholder Rule Development Initiative: Sales Prohibition on the Use of Phthalates in Food Packaging
01/27/2022 10:09 AM EST

Starting January 1, 2022, food packaging sold in Maine cannot contain intentionally introduced amounts of phthalates. Food packaging includes packaging that contains a food or beverage product, and plastic disposable gloves. A manufacturer, supplier, or distributor subject to this phthalate prohibition must also provide a certificate of compliance to the Department affirming that they meet the requirements of this law.

After receiving new information regarding the complexities associated with market compliance of this law and the potential impact on Maine consumers, the Department has determined that further clarification of the prohibition is necessary. To accomplish this, the Department proposes routine technical rulemaking using the consensus-based rule development process (5 MRS 8051-B). The Department is soliciting stakeholders with expertise in the area of food packaging as it relates to phthalate use and safer alternatives, public health, as well as those with specific market knowledge and experience with regulatory compliance, to be a part of this consensus rule development. The Department will choose a representative group of relevant stakeholders to engage in discussion and will provide all other interested parties notice of meetings with opportunity to attend and provide written comment.

If you would like to participate in this process, please provide your contact information with a description of your interest in this rule and organization represented, as well as whether you would like to be a stakeholder participant or an observing interested party, by email to Kerri Malinowski.

Response deadline: February 11, 2022

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