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Solid Waste & Recycling Newsletter

Going Batty for Halloween?Bats from TP Rolls

Halloween is a time to dress as you wish, eat your favorite candy, or maybe watch a scary movie. While the day is filled with spooktacular memories, our garbage cans are filled with scary leftovers. Reduce waste this Halloween with the following tips:

  • Reuse. Halloween costumes and decorations are timeless. Try your best to reuse them from year to year. Some of the best finds for costumes may come from your family's closets or trunks. Search for costume parts and pieces at garage sales or second-hand stores.
  • Reduce packaging waste. Buy wrapped candy in bulk to decrease packaging waste.
  • Candy wrappers. Properly dispose of candy wrappers in the trash.
  • Compost. Don't forget to add wilted pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds, or other compostable Halloween decor to your compost pile. Learn more about backyard composting. Check to see if your local municipality has a pumpkin drop-off spot for local composting. Some even host pumpkin smashing events before they get composted.

However you choose to celebrate, please follow all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Halloween guidelines and NYS Department of Health guidelines regarding preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and safer holiday celebrations.

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