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Solid Waste & Recycling Newsletter

Are Reusables Safe During COVID-19?

Reusable Mug and Bag

Are you interested in information about the safety of reusable items in the time of COVID-19? Upstream has compiled some of the top questions being asked on this topic with helpful resources and research in this list of 7 FAQs About the Safety of Reuse (PDF). These FAQs were developed by professionals in the reuse industry in partnership with Dr. Ben Locwin, an epidemiologist and consultant to the CDC who is currently working on COVID-19 and has worked on other emerging infectious diseases. The document provides answers, based on science and data, to frequently asked questions about the safety of reusables during COVID-19. Watch the recording of the webinar The Future of Safety And Reuse that features some of the professionals that helped develop this resource.

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