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Solid Waste & Recycling Newsletter

Stuff the Turkey, Not The Trash


Holiday season panic...we all experience it. How much food do I buy? Is this turkey big enough? Are you sure we have enough food? Where am I going to put all of these leftovers? Who is going to eat all of these leftovers?!

Millions of pounds of leftover food is thrown away every year. What if there was a way to plan more accordingly and load off some of those leftovers? To reduce wasted food this holiday season:

  • Plan ahead: Have an accurate head count to plan portions accordingly. Use Save the Food's Guest-imator calculator, a tool to help estimate how much food you will need based on your head count.
  • Cook with imperfections: Purchase imperfect produce to use in cooked dishes, such as bruised apples for apple pie.
  • Share: Encourage guests to bring a reusable container they can bring leftovers home in.
  • Creative Leftovers: Enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers days after by creating new dishes like turkey soup or hot turkey sandwiches. Discover new recipes from Save the Food or Love Food Hate Waste.
  • Freeze: Be realistic about the leftovers you can eat, and freeze the extra that won't last in the refrigerator.

Be grateful, not wasteful this holiday season, and help us reduce wasted food in New York State.

Do you have a creative recipe for how you use your Thanksgiving leftovers? Share with us at organicrecycling We encourage pictures.

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