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Solid Waste & Recycling Newsletter

NY Foam Ban: Handling Non-recyclable Foam Items

Single-use foam food service containers and packing peanuts are now banned in New York State, but New Yorkers may still encounter some items that are exempt or not part of the new ban.

This foam is a form of plastic (which is why you’ll sometimes see the #6 inside chasing arrows on foam items), but don’t toss it in your home recycling bin! It is not recyclable in residential recycling programs because it is too difficult to separate from other plastics, paper, metal and glass. It’s also a lower value plastic.

New Yorkers with a large quantity of foam that needs to be managed should contact their local recycling coordinator to ask about potential collection options nearby.

Visit DEC's website for more information about NY’s foam container and loose fill packaging ban and available foam alternatives. #FoamFreeNY

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