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Solid Waste & Recycling Newsletter

Reviving the Lost Art of Repair

The ability to fix or repair items is becoming a lost art. There's an overabundance of inexpensive items we can easily get at convenience stores, malls, and through online shopping. It's easier to buy new than repair the old. But learning to repair has many benefits to you, the environment, and your surrounding community.

A repair movement has begun, which started in Amsterdam in 2009. As it moves across the world, and specifically New York State, communities are coming together to share, repair, and learn with and from one another.

What is a Repair Café?

Repair cafes are meeting places where community members can work side by side with a skilled "repair mentor" to fix broken items, for free. The mentors have all the tools, materials, and knowledge to help you repair home electrical appliances, furniture, clothing, jewelry, computers, toys, and more!

the NBC News feature on a repair café in our very own New Paltz, NY.

Why attend a Repair Café?

You can bring your broken items from home, and work with a volunteer specialist to have them repaired or even learn how to do it yourself if it breaks again! Even if you don't have anything that needs repair, you can stop in to assist in repairs, or watch and learn.

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