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Solid Waste & Recycling Newsletter

Recycle Right NY: Debunk Recycling Symbol Myths!

Not everything with a recycling symbol is recyclable.

It can be confusing to navigate all of the information out there about recycling. New York’s Recycle Right NY campaign is here to help debunk two myths about the recycling symbol to help you recycle right!

Myth: “It has the recycling symbol on it so it must be accepted by my recycling program.”

Fact: Just because an item has the recycling symbol on it doesn’t mean it’s accepted by your local recycling program. That’s because the recycling symbol is not regulated, and the types of items accepted by recycling programs vary throughout the state. Next time you encounter an item you are unsure about, look beyond the three chasing arrows and check your local recycling guidelines instead.

Myth: "It has the recycling symbol on it, so it’s probably made with recycled content.”

Fact: Unfortunately, just because a product has the recycling symbol on it doesn’t mean it was made from recycled materials. Look for the phrase: “made from post-consumer recycled content” to be sure. Whenever possible, opt for goods made from recycled materials. This creates demand for the items we put in our recycling bins, increases their value, and supports our local recycling programs.

Visit the Recycle Right New York campaign website for more recycling and waste reduction tips, searchable “Is This Recyclable?” Recyclopedia ,and check your local recycling program guidelines.

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