Not All Inventors are Engineers Webinar Jan. 6; $19 Million in Water Quality Grant Funding Available

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Women in Science Webinar: Not All Inventors are Engineers
January 6th, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Photo of Rachel Miller, founder of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean.Do you know the feeling when something doesn’t just speak to you, but screams at you? The problem of microfiber pollution screamed at Rachael Z. Miller and her team at Rozalia Project. Rachael will talk about how the team conducted expeditions along the entire length of the Hudson River to better understand the problem and then invented a solution, known as the Cora Ball microfiber catcher. They also created lesson plans and activities to help spread the word about microfiber pollution.

Rachael Miller is the Founder of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, a nonprofit working on the problem of marine debris, and the co-inventor of the Cora Ball, the world’s first microfiber-catching laundry ball. Rachael leads teams on expeditions whose scientific results are published in peer-reviewed journals and education programs that inspire thousands of people of all ages. She captains the 60’ sailing research vessel, American Promise, certified hundreds of people to be sailing instructors, trained Navy SEALS to find unexploded mines using underwater robots, and mentors young scientists at the New York Harbor School. The webinar will take place Wednesday, January 6th, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. Register now.

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