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Thinking of using a pesticide? Did you know that any product that claims to kill, control, or repel pests is considered a pesticide?

Every pesticide product used, distributed, sold or offered for sale in New York State must be registered by DEC - unless it is considered a Minimum Risk Pesticide. DEC, in cooperation with the New York State Department of Health, evaluates the risks of pesticides through scientific-based assessments to ensure that pesticides to be registered do not pose an unreasonable risk to human health and the environment when used as labeled. Pesticides containing certain active ingredients may not be registered, or may be required to list New York State specific language on the label. In addition, some pesticides may only be sold to Certified Pesticide Applicators.


All registered pesticide products contain EPA Registration Numbers (EPA Reg. No.), and those sold in New York State are required to be registered every 2 years.

You can search for New York State registered pesticides by product name or EPA Reg. No. by visiting the New York State Pesticide Administration Database (NYSPAD). The database also allows you to review the approved label for the pesticide product. All pesticides must be used according to label directions.

DEC recommends taking inventory of all the pesticides you have, making a list and checking the registration of these pesticides on a regular basis.

For questions about pesticide registration, email the NYSDEC Pesticide Product Registration Section at ppror call 518-402-8768.

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