Light up the Holidays with Less Waste

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Light up the Holidays with Less Waste

During the holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, Americans will generate 25% more trash than any other time of the year (U.S. EPA, 2016). Reducing waste conserves precious natural resources and keeps material out of landfills. Since landfill waste breaks down anaerobically, creating potent greenhouse gases, decreasing the amount of waste we generate will help combat climate change. Reducing, reusing, recycling, and properly disposing of waste protects wildlife and ecosystems, and will help ensure the environment is clean and safe for generations to come. Use the tips below to have a more sustainable holiday season and remember, spread joy, not trash!

Holiday Gift Guide

  • Reusables Galore: Give a gift that never stops givng by gifting a reusable water bottle, bulk fruit and vegetable mesh bags, travel mug, shopping bags, lunch bag, beeswax wraps, etc.
  • Experiences over objects: Give your time and talents to loved ones this year; take someone skiing or snowshoeing, enjoy a cooking, art or fitness class with a friend or family member, visit a museum, or see a musical or theater production together.
  • Make your own gifts: Edible gifts such as breads, cookies, fruit & nut mixes, preserved foods, jams and jellies and herbed vinegars or olive oils are a few suggestions. Or, knit a scarf, crochet a hat or mittens, paint a watercolor, design your own jewelry or make your own homemade beauty products (lotions, lip balms, soap, etc.). Many gifts can also be made from upcycled materials such as homemade cards from old wrapping paper or gift bags.
  • Donate to a non-profit organization in the name of a loved one.
  • Instill a love of nature in the next generation: Introduce kids to a lifelong love of nature and appreciation for the environment by giving gifts like binoculars, a window bird feeder, gardening tools, or nature field guides. Purchase an Empire Pass or Camping Gift Card to experience NYS parks and campgrounds with family and friends.

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