Grants for Wetland Projects Available from Maine DEP


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Grants for Wetland Projects Available from Maine DEP

AUGUSTA, July 9, 2018

The Department of Environmental Protection is inviting proposals for wetland restoration, enhancement and creation projects to include provisions for water quality benefits and improve wildlife habitat. Beginning July 3, 2018, eligible recipients may apply for grant monies for wetland projects. Applicants must describe how the proposed project meets the following criteria:

  • Provides restoration of impacted wetlands, enhancement of existing wetlands, or creation of wetland from upland
  • Provides habitat for wildlife species, including birds, fish and amphibians
  • Provides water quality benefits
  • Demonstrates the technical expertise to implement the wetland restoration project
  • Demonstrates the capacity to maintain and protect the wetland in the future

For more information regarding request for proposals, please visit the Department of Administrative and Finance Services (DAFS) website: .

For additional information, contact:

David Madore, Communications Director

(207) 287-5842



Bill Longfellow, RFP Coordinator

(207) 287-2821


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