Draft Post-Closure License Renewal CDI/GTEOSI, Standish

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

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Draft Post-Closure License Renewal CDI/GTEOSI, Standish
06/22/2018 01:16 PM EDT

The Maine Board of Environmental Protection is seeking public comment on the appropriateness of its draft proposal to renew a Post-Closure License for a former hazardous waste surface impoundment located on a portion of the former GTE facility at 228 Northeast Road in Standish. The license applicants are Control Devices, Inc. and GTE Operations Support Incorporated. The proposed license includes an evaluation of switching to natural attenuation from operating the current groundwater extraction and treatment system. You may arrange project files review in Augusta by calling the BRWM file room at: 207-287-7688. The draft proposal can be viewed online at www.maine.gov/dep/comment/index.html.

The comment deadline to address questions, written comments and any requests for public hearings is within 45 days of the publication of this notice (August 7, 2018) and should be addressed to:

Pam Davis Green
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management
17 State House Station
Augusta ME 04333-0017

A final decision on the license will be made after the comment period ends and public comments are addressed, anticipated to be on or about September 6, 2018.

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