DEP has made grant funding available for new sludge dewatering projects


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Maine DEP offers wastewater sludge dewatering grants

AUGUSTA, August 15, 2019 — The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has made grant funding available for wastewater infrastructure planning and construction related to new sludge dewatering projects. The presence of PFAS in sludge, particularly for those facilities that do not have dewatering infrastructure, has posed potential management challenges for certain communities. The grant funding is limited to municipal and quasi-municipal wastewater treatment facilities that do not currently have onsite sludge dewatering infrastructure. This grant may be used to contract with a Professional Engineer to evaluate sludge dewatering options and develop a preliminary engineering report with the recommended alternative. The grant may also be used for one-time contract dewatering services for stored sludge.

DEP has notified potential recipients of the availability of grant funding for new sludge dewatering projects. For more information on this grant please visit Maine DEP’s website:

For additional information, contact:

David Madore, Communications Director

(207) 287-5842

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