Clean-up efforts in response to oil spill at Willard Beach in South Portland continue

Clean-up effort at Willard Beach in South Portland continues


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Clean-up efforts in response to oil spill at Willard Beach in South Portland continue

South Portland, August 26, 2021 — The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the City of South Portland in conjunction with Clean Harbors Environmental Services continued comprehensive cleanup efforts today in response to Tuesday’s oil spill at Willard Beach. A temporary containment dam was built to collect any residual oily waste while cleanup efforts were conducted. Approximately 2000 pounds of oily seaweed, other debris, and deployed sorbent materials were collected from the beach and other impacted sites. All manhole cover/access points encompassing the entire storm water drainage route from the incident/source to the Willard Beach discharge pipe were opened, pumped out using two specially equipped vac-trucks, and back flushed. In addition to the storm drain piping itself, the exposed storm water catch basin located behind the Willard Beach parking lot was power washed and pumped out. Cleanup was also conducted at the responsible party’s property in South Portland to include inspecting and consolidating petroleum waste drums, pumping petroleum waste tanks, and applying additional sorbents. Lastly, six beach core samples were taken from Willard Beach and are undergoing lab analysis. Maine DEP requested expedited testing and hopes to receive the results sometime tomorrow. Once the results are reviewed, authorities will make decisions regarding the reopening of the beach. All remaining cleanup efforts will be completed this afternoon. The beach will remain closed today and tomorrow.

Both the USCG and Maine DEP have been in direct contact with the responsible party and continue to investigate this incident. Any necessary enforcement action will be taken in accordance with agency policies and procedures.

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David R. Madore, Deputy Commissioner

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