ADEM Activity Notice

The following activity has taken place at the Alabama Department of Environmental Management:

Administrative Orders Published:

Date Description County Division
04/16/2020 Ridgeline Construction HSV, Inc. Limestone Air

Forms Added to Website:

Form # Form Name Division
279 Notification for Underground Storage Tanks Waste/Remediation
310 Notice of Temporary Closure Waste/Remediation
326 Annual Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Report Form Waste/Remediation
332 Cathodic Protection Monitoring Form for Impressed Current Systems Waste/Remediation
400 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System 60-Day Inspection Log Waste/Remediation
403 Interior Lining Inspection Form Waste/Remediation
404 Interior Lining Report Form Waste/Remediation
406 Manual Interstitial Monitoring Monthly Log Waste/Remediation
414 Monthly Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Report Waste/Remediation
422 Notice of Intent to Permanently Close Underground Storage Tanks Waste/Remediation
423 Notice of Proposed UST New Installation or Upgrade Waste/Remediation
460 Statistical Inventory Reconciliation SIR 7 Day Release Investigation Notice Form Waste/Remediation
462 Tank Trust Fund Eligibility/Ineligibility Determination Form Waste/Remediation
469 Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank Transfer of Ownership Waste/Remediation
471 UST ARBCA Tier 1 Report Forms Waste/Remediation
472 UST ARBCA Tier 2 Report Forms Waste/Remediation
473 UST ARBCA Tier 3 Report Forms Waste/Remediation
474 UST Closure Site Assessment Report Form Waste/Remediation
475 UST Free Product Recovery Report Form Waste/Remediation
476 UST Groundwater Monitoring Report Form Waste/Remediation
477 UST Line Tightness Test Report Form Waste/Remediation
478 UST Natural Attenuation Monitoring Report Form Waste/Remediation
479 UST Release Fact Sheet Waste/Remediation
480 UST Release Report Form Waste/Remediation
482 UST System Effectiveness Monitoring Report Form Waste/Remediation
483 UST Tracer Tank Tightness Test Report Form Waste/Remediation
484 UST Ullage Tank Tightness Test Report Form Waste/Remediation
485 UST Vacuum Tank Tightness Test Report Form Waste/Remediation
486 UST Volumetric Overfill Tank Tightness Test Report Form Waste/Remediation
487 UST Volumetric Underfill Tank Tightness Test Report Form Waste/Remediation
492 UST Closure Total Potential Voc Emissions Calculations Waste/Remediation
551 ADEM Line Leak Detector (LLD) Test Report Form Waste/Remediation
030 Notice of Termination - General Permit Number ALG870000 Waste/Remediation
031 Alabama Tank Trust Fund Cost Proposal Part 1 Waste/Remediation
020 Spill Catchment Basin/Spill Bucket 3 Year Test Log Waste/Remediation
557 3 Year Containment Sump Integrity Test Report Waste/Remediation
558 30 Day Walkthrough Inspection Checklist Log Waste/Remediation
559 3 Year Overfill Prevention Equipment Inspection Report Waste/Remediation
560 Annual Probe and Sensor Test Report Waste/Remediation
561 Annual Release Detection Equipment Testing Log Waste/Remediation
562 Compatibility Demonstration Log Waste/Remediation
563 Manual Tank Gauging Monthly Log Waste/Remediation
564 Annual Liquid Sensor Inspection and Functionality Test Waste/Remediation
565 ADEM Annual Tank Gauge Test Report Waste/Remediation
566 ADEM Automatic Line Leak Detector and Line Tightness Test Report Waste/Remediation
567 NPDES Mining and Preparation Plant Outfall Data for Metals, Cyanide, and Total Phenols Water
568 Application for Facility Name Change or Transfer of Solid Waste Disposal Facility Permit Waste/Remediation
569 Beneficial Use Facility Registration Application Waste/Remediation

Public Notices Published:

Date Description County Permit
04/15/2020 31st Street Texaco Jefferson UST
04/15/2020 Maple Avenue BP Geneva UST
04/15/2020 Riverside Shell Morgan UST
04/15/2020 Local Limits Notice Statewide ----
04/15/2020 NPDES Notice Statewide ----
04/16/2020 46 Fuel Center, Inc. Cleburne UST
04/16/2020 Georgia-Pacific Wood Products, LLC Fayette Title V
04/17/2020 Spring Valley Market Colbert UST
04/17/2020 Escambia Operating Company LLC Escambia Title V
04/17/2020 Mobile Asphalt Company Monroe Proposed Air Permit

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