OPS awarded grant from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program

OPS is very pleased to announce that it was awarded a grant from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program at http://www.mips.umd.edu/

OPS is working together with Professor Kathie Wright of Information and Decision Sciences at Salisbury University Maryland, and her team of students on a project designed to build upon OPS concept of a core ‘Compliance Engine’ module that will be used to translate the CFR40-141/2/3 Federal & State laws on Safe Drinking Water into machine parseable format. This component will then automatically trigger alerts to Operators whenever it detects potential violations before they happen, and when recorded Water sample values exceed specific safety thresholds, informing key personnel on the steps to take to rectify the situation.

The project will also encompass a reporting capability to enable Operators to print Federal and State regulation compliance reports at the click of a button and will all be based on the future XBRL government reporting standards for compliance monitoring and trend analysis.

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