Maine DEP Rulemaking Update

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

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Chapter 100: Definitions Regulation
03/23/2016 02:42 PM EDT

The Department is proposing to amend Chapter 100 to: 1) explicitly identify NOx as a precursor to ozone in the definition of “regulated pollutant” in section 149; and 2) replace a reference to “NO2” with “NOx” in the footnote of the definition of “significant emission increase” in section 156. These amendments will be submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for approval in Maine’s State Implementation Plan.

Chapter 501: Stormwater Management Compensation Fees and Mitigation Credit
03/23/2016 02:41 PM EDT

The Department is proposing to revise Table 2 to more accurately reflect the effectiveness of different mitigation activities on each of the following sites: 1) Road or high use parking lots; 2) Medium use parking lots; 3) Other parking lots; 4) Roof or impervious areas; and 5) Landscaped areas.

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