U.S. EPA settles with Guam Shipyard to control stormwater pollution

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This press release was issued on Wednesday, January 27th in Guam (Chamorro Standard Time)

PITI, Guam – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a settlement with Guam Industrial Services, Inc., doing business as Guam Shipyard, over Clean Water Act (CWA) violations for discharge of contaminants into Apra Harbor. Under the settlement, Guam Shipyard will pay a $68,388 penalty and will install preventative measures in to reduce the discharge of pollutants like sandblast and paint debris in stormwater to the harbor. Sandblast and paint debris contain metals that harm aquatic life and sensitive coral reef ecosystems.

“Ship repair facilities must maintain effective stormwater pollution controls  to protect coastal ecosystems,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Director of the Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Division, Amy Miller. “This order will help prevent pollution from reaching Apra Harbor.”

Guam Shipyard has completed the terms of an Administrative Order EPA issued to the facility on September 5, 2019, after EPA identified numerous violations at the facility. In response, Guam Shipyard has:

  • Obtained the appropriate discharge permit.
  • Developed a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan to control pollutants.
  • Installed controls to contain sandblast and paint debris.
  • Developed a plan to prevent non-stormwater discharges from entering Apra Harbor.
  • Ensured that spill response equipment is available on site.

EPA's proposed settlement with Guam Shipyard resolves the violations found at the facility. The settlement is available at: https://www.epa.gov/pi/guam-industrial-services-inc-tamuning-guam-proposed-settlement-cwa-class-ii-administrative.

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