EIR Public Notices and Updates OEIR Program Newsletter 9/10/15

OEIR Program Newsletter 9/10/15

5 new public notices have been posted on our website:

15-144F Essex County, Catherine Pitts Replacement Home

September 09, 2015 to October 01, 2015
John Fisher

15-143F Northumberland County, Bay Aging

September 10, 2015 to October 02, 2015
Julia Wellman

15-142F City of Newport News, Governor’s Inn Assisted Living

September 03, 2015 to October 01, 2015
Janine Howard

15-140F Caroline County, DEQ Restoring Line-of-Sight at Fort A.P. Hill

September 10, 2015 to October 02, 2015
Julia Wellman

15-139F York County, Commonwealth at Heritage

September 09, 2015 to September 25, 2015
John Fisher

All can be found here:

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